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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the hands and are essential for a child’s play, drawing, cutting, writing, cutlery use and managing buttons and shoelaces.


The skills required for these functional tasks include the integrated ability to coordinate both hands together, wrist and finger movement (flexion, ab/adduction and extension), grasp strength, as well as finger and thumb isolation, control and integration.

If your child has difficulties with any of these fine motor skills, thenour experienced occupational therapists can help. Contact us for more advice or support.

Some of our favourite activities to develop fine motor skills are:

  • Playdough, kneading cookie or bread dough

  • Playing with clothes pegs or dice games

  • Threading beads or pasta penne onto pipe cleanersstrings, finger knitting

  • Posting coins

  • Using spoons to transfer rice/ water/ flour between cups or bowls

  • Button snakes (buttons sewn onto a ribbon or piece of cloth)

  • Peeling stickers and sticking these on different surfacesBuilding with Lego Duplo or Knex

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