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Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills involve the whole body, including the large stabilizing muscles of the core and back as well as the arms are legs. Gross motor skills are essential for a child’s ability to walk, run, jump, swim, play on the playground and sit upright at school and the dinner table.

Gross motor skills require balance, coordination, sensory processing, crossing the middle of your body, desk posture, eye hand coordination and motor planning. These skills are crucial for all movements, self-care tasks including dressing, toileting and navigating the environment (walking around classroom and school items) and sports. ~Gross motor skills also impact endurance and the ability to participate in fine motor skills and academic learning.

If your child has difficulties with any of these gross motor skills, then our experienced occupational therapists can help. Contact us for more advice or support.

Some of our favourite activities to develop gross motor skills are:

  • Obstacle courses

  • Playgrounds – over, under, around equipment

  • Throwing and catching games

  • Hop-scotch

  • Crawling games and wheelbarrow races

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