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Leonie Spronk

Occupational Therapist

Leonie works as Occupational Therapist in different international schools in Amsterdam. She started working at Child Development in January 2016 and she always enjoys going to the different schools. Next to her job as Occupational Therapist in the different schools, in special occasions she teaches 1st and 2nd year students who study Occupational Therapy at the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

In 2019, Leonie completed the Sensory Processing course at ‘Anders Kijken voor Kinderen’, which gives an enrichment to her knowledge in sensory problems and strategies which can help kids, their parents and their environment.

She likes working together with the children, parents and teachers in the school setting, but also enjoys home sessions, so seeing the children grow in their own environment

Outside her work as occupational therapist, she enjoys playing volleyball and likes cooking for family and friends. Leonie grew up in the neighbourhood of Sneek (Friesland) and speaks the Frisian language. Before starting at university in 2011, she lived in Aruba for a year & from 2011-2020 she lived in Rotterdam. This combination enables her to be down to earth and flexible, but all in a positive way.

She provides services in English and Dutch.