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At Child Development we specialise in Occupational Therapy (OT) and Educational Psychology. Our goal is to support children within the expat community to reach their full potential. 

Our Procedure
We usually begin with an assessment in order to know at what developmental stage your child is at in his/her sensory, motor and/or overall development in comparison to same-age peers. We often observe children in their classroom/home environment as well.
You will receive a report of our findings and discuss these in a parent/therapist meeting. If we find out that your child would benefit from therapy support, we will suggest therapy sessions mostly on a weekly base. Parents are always welcome to join in on the sessions. Children can be seen after or during school hours on times that they can be missed from their classes. We also consult teachers and work in the classroom setting to support children in their concentration, desk posture, fine motor control etc. in class. It is also possible for us to advise you to consult other professionals depending on the outcome of our assessment/observation.
Prior to the testing it is helpful to know more about your child's early and present development, and therefore we always ask parents to fill in a questionnaire. As a parent you know your child better than anyone so your information in crucial. It helps us to find out what kind of intervention suits your child best. If needed, we will ask teachers or other caregivers to provide their input as well. 
Our services are offered in English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Finnish.
Occupational therapy
Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on the child's "occupation" which may include activities that are related to school performance, home performance or play. Fine motor skills such as cutting, colouring, handwriting, buttoning, other self-care skills, or processing of sensory information are often OT goals. Learn more...
Educational Psychology
Educational Psychology tackles the problems encountered by children in education, which may involve learning difficulties, social problems or emotional problems. We also focus on difficulties children may face when moving to a new country. These may include having to learn a new language, adjust to a new school and environment, and make new friendships. Learn more...

Registered with the Dutch Occupational Therapy and Educational Psychology Association: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ergotherapie (number 14979; registration number: 29901493690) and Nederlandse Vereniging voor Orthopedagogiek (number 7612).

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Child Development

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3512 HP Utrecht

Phone +31(0)624144875  

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Registratie nummer: 29901493690  

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ergotherapie (NVE: nr. 14979)    

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Orthopedagogiek’ (NVO: nr. 7612)    

AGB-code: 99-001060/ 88-051023

IBAN: NL41ABNA0415337623

NL41 ABNA 0415 3376 23


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