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the about me app

The "About Me" App

"The app that teaches you to be the boss of your own planning and emotions!"
About the app

“About Me” is an application developed for children with a developmental disorder and their caregivers to practise skills like regulating emotions and planning and organisation in order to work towards self-reliance. This auxiliary tool currently contains 2 exercises


How Does My Engine Run?

This exercise can be used in situations when a child is not able to handle or control his/her emotions or energy levels. By using this exercise, the child is able to rate his/her emotions and get helpful feedback through a 3-step system that will help them adjust energy levels/emotions based on their current situation. 

My Visual Schedule

This scheduling exercise can be used for children that experience difficulty with organising and planning. By using this visual based schedule children can practise their ability to organise themselves better. 

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Personalise the app for your child

If you want to personalise the app
to your child's preference use:

Login name: Testuser

Password: Welcome01

(Note: you can save the app on your phone
by adding it to the homescreen of your device.)

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