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Child Psychology

"The path of development is a journey of discovery that is clear only in retrospect, and it's rarely a straight line."

Watching children develop is a captivating process, from learning to walk and speak to witnessing their social interactions and self-development at school and beyond. The process of learning and maturing through childhood and adolescence is both complex and exciting.

At Child Development our child psychologists understand the challenges children face as they develop from baby to child and into the adolescent years. We support children and adolescents to manage the psychological challenges, cognitive limitations, stressful life experiences or learning difficulties that interfere with their daily lives.

Our child psychologists work with children to assess, diagnose and develop a client-centred support plan so they can develop their full potential. They are trained in the latest evidence-based treatments and strategies to support children and young people with their emotional, social and behavioural needs. We use elements from cognitive behavioural therapy, neuropsychology, solution-focused therapy, positive psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, play therapy, IMH support and DIR Floorplay.

Child Psychology at Child Development is always child and family centred and unique to their needs and goals.

Is your child or student experiencing challenges at school or at home, self-isolating, showing behavioural problems or difficulties keeping up at school? Do they seem overly sad, angry, worried or anxious? Are they having difficulties making friends, adjusting to a new school, or managing their emotions? Our child psychologists can help!

Psychology for children includes:

  • Identifying learning needs and strengths

  • Support for learning difficulties

  • Boosting self-esteem/self-confidence

  • Coping with anxiety, stress and worries

  • Managing challenging behaviour at home and/or school

  • Anger management

  • Social skills and friendship development

  • Puberty and teenage challenges

  • Managing transitions such as moving countries and transferring schools

  • Attachment challenges

  • Challenges experienced by Third Culture Kids

  • Support for young children regarding eating, sleeping, toileting and daily routines

Therapy can include:

  • Individual and group therapy to develop and learn new skills based on individual goals

  • Home and school assessment, intervention programs and consultation

  • Psychoeducation and training

  • Coaching for parents, caregivers, teachers and others professionals


Who could benefit from Child Psychology?

Children with a range of functional delays, psychological challenges, cognitive difficulties or disabilities can benefit from Child Psychology. These can include:

  • Learning difficulties (e.g., problems in reading, writing, and mathematics)

  • Attention difficulties, weak working memory, and/or poor executive functions

  • Developmental delay

  • Social-emotional challenges

  • Mental health and behavioural problems

  • Trauma history

  • Expat children

  • Sleep difficulties

  • DSM V-related diagnoses (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder, AD(H)D, etc.)

Assessment and Intervention

The Child Development Child Psychologists can be contacted via the email link below:


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