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Workshops Child Development

"The best education does not happen at a desk, but rather engaged in everyday living - hands on, exploring, in active relationship with life"

Workshops are an extremely effective way to gain new insights, create support and make decisions. Working as a team on a predefined goal has proven to be very valuable. We offer workshops for parents, teachers and other professionals.

There is a wide range of possible subjects with a focus on supporting the development and wellbeing of children and adolescents. We like to share our knowledge and experiences, and to address concrete questions. Together we will look for practical solutions to problems and challenges faced in daily life.

Some of our current workshops:


Student empowerment

Sometimes students have difficulty with motivation and initiating tasks. This workshop can help parents and teachers to empower your student / child to take control. Goal setting, planning tasks and metacognitive strategies will be taught to encourage students to reflect on what went well and how it could be changed to produce a better outcome next time. Resilience and perseverance strategies are also a component of this workshop.


Stimulating executive functions

During this workshop we will work on different strategies to stimulate, activate or compensate weak executive functions. We will discuss various executive functions like working memory, attention, planning, organization, etc., and will share some quick wins to stimulate these functions at home or in the classroom. We will use activating teaching methods throughout this workshop to practice different strategies and tools.

Sensory Motor Development

During this workshop we will work on the meaning of sensory motor development, how we can recognise a possible delay, and how we can support your child or student. We will practice and discuss different methods to enhance sensory motor skills and share how we can implement these strategies at home or in the classroom.


For more information regarding costs and workshop themes please contact us. Our team can also provide custom workshops to meet your needs and requirements.

The Child Development team can be contacted via the email link below:


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