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Group Therapy

"Let's learn with and from others!"

Group Therapy

Working on challenges with peers experiencing similar difficulties, is not only enjoyable but can result in greater results as children share their strategies and learn from each other. During group therapy, your child will also develop a sense of belonging and will be given the opportunity to discover that their peers have problems they thought were unique to themselves.

At Child Development, our psychologists and occupational therapists lead different age-based therapy groups targeting common challenges experienced by children using evidence-based approaches.

Therapy groups currently being offered:


Who would benefit from group therapy?​

  • Children with fine and gross motor difficulties

  • Children with difficulties in handwriting

  • Children who struggle to pay attention

  • Children with sensory processing challenges

  • Children who are fussy eaters

  • Children experiencing social difficulties

  • Children struggling coping with their strong feelings

  • Children struggling with motivation and initiating tasks


Get in touch with us and we will advise you on which is the best suited

therapy group for your child based on their age and challenges.

Assessment and Intervention

The Child Development team can be contacted via the email link below:


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