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Erica van Wijngaarden


Since March 2022, Erica supports the Child Development team as an administrative assistant. She is responsible for all kinds of administrative and organizational tasks. Together with her boyfriend and daughter she lives in Maarssen (Utrecht).

As an independent VA (Virtual Assistant) Erica has gained extensive experience in carrying out a variety of supporting activities.

Erica is at her best in a social environment and likes to be involved in a variety of activities. She has a great sense of overview and has strong organizational skills. Customer satisfaction, friendliness and a pleasant working environment together with a driven team are her top priority. She loves to support you with all of your questions.

In a more distant past, Erica has experience in working with childeren and young people with multiple disabilities. She is the proud mother of a daughter with special needs, so from that point of view she knows for her own experience as a parent what the work of Child Development means and the challenges parents face.

In her spare time Erica loves go out with her loved ones and enjoy qualitytime with them. She also loves long walks in nature, ending up with a cappuccino at a cozy terrace. You can also make her very happy enjoying good food in nice company. She likes to stay fit and goes to the gym a few times a week.

Her main languages are Dutch and English.

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