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"The best education does not happen at a desk, but rather engaged in everyday living - hands on, exploring, in active relationship with life"
Superflex® Group

This 8-week social thinking group uses the Superflex® curriculum, which provides a fun and motivating way to improve your child’s social and behavioural flexibility.


The social world is enormous and complex, and this peer group program will help your child to begin to make sense of the social world. By learning ways to interact with their families, friends, classmates and others in the community. Superflex uses the ‘The Social Thinking’® Methodology which is a developmental, language and thinking-based approach with a motivating and fun social-thinking Superhero named Superflex leading the way.


Program Outcomes:

  • For children to understand and explore different

  • For children understand expected and unexpected behaviours

  • For children to develop better self-monitoring and self-feedback for their social behaviour

  • To assist children to improve their social skills and relationships with others

  • For children to become familiar with a range of different feelings and emotions

Groups are determined by the age of your child:

  • 6-8 years

  • 9-11 years

  • 12-14 years

For cost and booking, please contact us.

(Therapeutic group cost may be claimable through health insurance)

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