Child Development works on a consultancy basis at different International schools in North and South Holland. We provide occupational therapy (OT), sensory integration and psychology services for children who need extra support in their concentration, attention span, fine (writing skills) or gross motor control, sensory challenges, emotional balance, self esteem etc.

Our Mission

Our practice is called Child Development due to our dedication to supporting your child to develop and achieve their dreams.

Child development refers to the sequence of physical, language, sensory, cognitive and emotional processes which occur from birth to the beginning of adulthood. This complex process is influenced by biological and environmental factors, which can be actively enhanced by support and just right challenges. We celebrate the things that make us different, and tailor all individual support to your child’s strengths, challenges, sociocultural context.

What does child development include?

Child development covers the full scope of skills that a child masters over their life span including development in:

  • Physical skills – fine motor (finger) skills and gross motor (whole body) skills

  • Cognition – the ability to learn and problem solve

  • Social interaction and emotional regulation – interacting with others and mastering self-control

  • Sensory awareness – the registration of sensory information for use

  • Speech and Language – understanding and using language, reading and communicating

Why is child development important?

Child development forms the foundation of all adult skills; therefore, it is vital to maximise their well-being as adults. Optimizing children’s early development strengthens their brain development, physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development for their future success. The earliest possible detection (and early intervention if appropriate) of developmental challenges can be helpful in minimizing the impact these may have on your child’s skill development and subsequently their confidence. At Child Development our team sees your child’s unique skills within the context of your family and community, validate your concerns, and design individualised support plans so your child can become successful in their own way.

Problems in Child Development

Problems in child development can be linked to life events, temperament, genetics, prenatal circumstances, the presence of a specific diagnosis or medical factors, and/or the lack of opportunity or exposure to early learning opportunities. Specific assessment can provide clarity about your child’s strengths and developmental challenges. This information is used by our therapy team to develop individualised and child-centred support plans to help your child achieve their goals. Due to the complexities of child development, our therapy team works in a collaborative way to simultaneously (as required) to support your child, family and their school.

Please contact us if you are concerned about your child’s development or if you need any advice or support.

Support we can provide:
Individual and group support is available at school, home or our clinic. In all settings we use a range of evidence-based approaches to help children overcome any sensory, motor skill, behavioural and social-emotional difficulties, so they can succeed at home and school.
Occupational therapy
Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on the child's "occupation" which may include activities that are related to school, home and play skills.
Child Psychology
Child Psychology centres on the problems encountered by children, which may involve learning, behavioural, and social-emotional challenges.
Sensory Processing
Sensory Processing /Sensory Integration therapy is there to support your child develop effective registration and accurate interpretation of own body sensations and sensations from the environment.
Group Therapy
We run various group therapy programs: sensory awareness, social skills, handwriting, school readiness, mindfulness, and movement groups.
Parent/ School Consultancy Workshops
A range of workshops are available to provide families, educators and other professionals ways to understand and support the children we work with.
Kids in Preschool

Kids in Preschool

Image by Josh Applegate

Image by Josh Applegate

Technologie op school

Technologie op school

Kid ' s Outdoor spelen

Kid ' s Outdoor spelen

Expat Children

Expat Children

Image by Julia Raasch

Image by Julia Raasch

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

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Kids Spelen Tug of War

Kids Spelen Tug of War

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